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Are Football Transfer Fees Out Of Control?

Are Football Transfer Fees Out Of Control?

Sitting here in the summer, I’m surrounded by newspaper reports detailing possible football transfers. Some of these articles are simply offering information on rumours. They may count for nothing in the end.

But experience dictates that European clubs will spend millions of pounds this summer. The biggest clubs, particularly in England, Spain and Italy, seem to be prepared to spend increasing amounts on players. But is this really sustainable?

It seems that the footballing world takes little interest in the economic factors that have an impact on normal lives. The UK economy, for example, appears to be struggling to gain traction. You wouldn’t realise that this was the case by looking at the transfer spending of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City.

So how can the clubs continue to spend so much money? There must be a limit to the amount that they can raise from football fans. Although matches continue to sell-out in the Premier League, there’s some evidence that football supporters won’t be pushed too much further. There’s simply not enough money available.

Media companies have helped to enrich some clubs and there’s frequently talk about spreading the brand. As a result, it’s been proposed that some Premier League games could be played in Asia, North America, or elsewhere in Europe. That seems crazy to most local fans.

Most people grow up supporting a local club. The idea that your local team might play a home game many thousands of miles from home doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Some clubs continue to rely on rich investors, while others are simply losing a lot of money.

If football fans are paying more to watch matches, media companies are paying a lot of money for television rights and the actual clubs are spending a massive amount on transfer fees, then where is all the money going?

Ultimately, it’s clear that footballers have reaped the rewards. Earning gigantic salaries, they’ve become superstars. Some players have become truly global names and the stars of the past must be somewhat envious when they look at how much money the players of today can make.

A modern-day player may earn more in a week then it was once possible to earn in an entire year. But the players aren’t the only winners. Football agents have undoubtedly done well too, making money from player contracts and deals.

It feels like things have gone too far. But are the world’s best clubs really prepared to stop buying the best?It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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7 Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

7 Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Why do you smoke? Do you not regret smoking? Many started smoking as early as their teens. They commenced smoking without knowing the consequences of the addiction. When they reach maturity, they are already at high risk. Is it too late to reform? Nope, there is always life after you quit smoking cigarettes. You have fat chance of regaining your pre-smoking conditions. Make time to set your quitting goal. And get back to your old self.

When you decide you want to quit smoking cigarettes, be sure to have intense determination. You can overcome temptations to light a cigarette stick. Will power is the key to succeed. After your mindset, you can proceed to the different available means.

Ways to quit smoking cigarettes:

1. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) involves curtailment of the effects of nicotine in your system. This kind of therapy has the following: gums, lozenges, inhalers, patches, nasal sprays and microtabs. There are also prescribed drugs. All these NRTs are available in the market.

2. Water therapy is simply drinking much water. The nicotine toxin is excreted from the body. Water can be substituted with fruit juices.

3. Psychological therapy appeals to your emotional behavior during the withdrawal period. Your resistance to nicotine is addressed and your psychological condition is analyzed.

4. Herbal therapy is using various herbs that would help remedy cravings for cigarettes.

5. Counseling is a program where you are advised on what to do to succeed in the process of withdrawal to nicotine dependence.

6. Acupuncture is an old Chinese method of curing. It is done with the aid of a needle, it eases your cravings.

7. Hypnosis is relaxing the brain. In so doing, the dependence on nicotine is suspended.

Benefits derived when you quit smoking cigarettes:

1. You are assured of a longer and healthy life. Some negates the statement of being healthy because they gain weight when they stop smoking. But, weight is checked by proper diet and exercise.

2. You recover from elevated blood pressure, heart ailment, diabetes and other diseases.

3. You lower your risk of having cancer of the lungs.

4. You improve your breathing and you can do more physical activities.

5. You will look beautiful without the yellowish stains in your teeth and finger nails.

6. You will gain social acceptance because you no long stink with bad breath and cigarette odor all over your hair and clothes.

With the means available to quit smoking cigarettes, you can never fail even with your first attempt. Just have the key factor – determination. Start quitting now! See and feel the difference in only a matter of days!…

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Six Million Dollar Man Broccoli Salad

Six Million Dollar Man Broccoli Salad

I have a nice broccoli bed in the garden and we’ve been eating it at breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week now. In trolling the internet for some new prep inspirations (my fave was a pistou, or cold sauce, made from broccoli stock with broccoli puree!) I found a great concept from, of all people, Paula Deen. She has a terrific flare for tickling the American palate, but the nutritional impact of many of her dishes needs a serious makeover…

So her base idea is fresh veggies, featuring broccoli – good start – but then she adds a CUP of mayo, half a pound of cheese, 8 slices of bacon, and 4 tablespoons of sugar to turn it into a sweet American fat fest! Not so easy to smack down a nutrient powerhouse like broccoli, but like I said – she has a gift.

As they said about Steve Austin: “We can rebuild him”. So to craft my Six-Million-Dollar-Man-makeover of Paula Deen’s broccoli salad recipe, I started by dumping most of the mayo and all of the cheese – serious overkill. And if you’d prefer a protein hit over the fat of the mayo, sub in plain Greek yogurt, but I wanted to preserve the creamy flavor of mayo.

I hung on to the bacon, again for the irreplaceable flavor hit, but kept it minimal, and suggest using turkey bacon or even the pretty decent vegan version, Frontier’s Bac ‘Uns, plus almonds for additional crunch. Bye-bye sugar, hello rice syrup, but just a touch. And finally, I subbed out the white vinegar (much better suited for toilet cleaning, in my opinion) for raw apple cider vinegar. The tasty and far healthier Paula Deen homage is below – feel free to tweak it out in any way you like, it’s a fabulous concept!

2 medium heads broccoli

1/3 cup natural mayonnaise (or plain Greek yogurt)

1 tablespoon rice syrup (or coconut nectar)

2 teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes, optional for a little kick

1/4 cup finely chopped chives or scallions

2/3 cup additional veggies (I used the de-veined and thinly sliced raw snow peas I had in the fridge- sweet and super-fresh, but I think it would also be terrific with diced raw or roasted red bell pepper or even shredded or finely diced carrots)

1/4 cup toasted sliced almonds

2-3 slices cooked and crumbled turkey bacon (or 2 tablespoons Frontier’s Bac ‘Uns)

Chop the broccoli head into bite-sized florets and dice the stems (slice the skins off first if they are tough). Paula keeps hers raw, and mine was fresh-picked so I had it raw, but if yours isn’t super-fresh, just steam the chopped pieces for 2-3 minutes and dump into an ice bath to cool and keep them firm. Drain very well.

In a large bowl whisk together the mayo, rice syrup, cider vinegar and red pepper flakes, if using. Add the prepared broccoli, chives, additional veggies, almonds and bacon and gently toss to lightly coat. Serve immediately or chill in the fridge for an hour or two.…

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Real Leatherheads

Real Leatherheads

Leatherheads, what exactly is a leatherhead?

Is it a movie starring George Clooney? Well, yes, that is one definition. The leatherheads I am talking about are actual players who wore the helmets we now refer to as ‘leatherheads’. We may very well thank the very popular movie for coining the phrase ‘leatherheads’ as I was unable to find historical references to the general public referring to early football players as ‘leatherheads’. However, there is some indication that the helmets themselves were referred to as leatherheads.

Leatherheads-The Early Years

The very first leather football helmet was worn in an 1893 Army-Navy game. An Annapolis shoe maker developed it for Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves who had been advised by a Navy doctor that he would risk death,insanity or paralysis should he take another blow to his head during a game. Later helmets improved design with padding, ear flaps and eventually face guards.

Padding but No Helmets

Players often devised their own method of padding the body and crude shoulder and hip pads were worn throughout the early years of football particularly in the early 1900’s. Helmets were a rarity to see on players and often some player wore them while others did not. In the 1920’s leather helmets became more accepted but were still not mandatory.


Early helmets had no identifying marks upon them whatsoever. As with all games, fierce competition and team pride resulted in some colleges and high schools to paint their helmets by hand. Certain colors or team mascots were eventually painted on to easily distinguish team players. Imagine being a quarterback attempting to find the receiver far down field with no identifying marks on the receiver! Imagine that being a mud game! how difficult that must have been especially if the receiver was well covered! Modern day players can thank the Rams for starting the painting of team logo’s on helmets. In 1948 the Rams horns were painted on team helmets and soon after all football helmets bore a teams logo or colors.

True Grit

While we cannot imagine playing a game of football without protective gear the era of ‘leatherheads’ shows the true grit those early players had. They took a beating week after week and often went to their regular jobs during the week. Their sheer determination and love of the game has given us the football we know today and thankfully our players are much more protected.

Leather Helmets Today

If you can find a leather helmet from that golden era you would be lucky! To find one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg would be an even bigger accomplishment. Finding images of ‘leatherheads’ can be difficult as well. International sports artist Andy Goralski has just finished a fine art piece titled “From Leather to Legendary’ that portrays the Acme Packers team with the infamous leatherhead helmets. In the back round is the legendary Lambeau Field in Green Bay showing off its newly renovated look. This fine art piece is available in fine art prints and also available on canvas. To find out more and see this legendary piece of sports art complete with a team of ‘leatherheads’ go to …

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What Are the Daily Benefits From Quitting Smoking?

What Are the Daily Benefits From Quitting Smoking?

If a person is going to make any attempt to give up smoking, the big question is, “what are the daily benefits from quitting smoking?” There are so many positive things that will happen to you once you give up smoking, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make this decision. It’s very important to understand the values of quitting before you experience these on your own. It’s not only the health and financial benefits that will make quitting smoking worthwhile, but your freedom will come back the way it was before you started.

Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things to do and that’s why so many people fail. You need to understand the rewards of putting an end to your smoking era. I’ll make a list of a few of these and hopefully this will help you decide which road to take. I know one thing for certain, the quit smoking road will be much better and longer than the other one filled with pot-holes and wash-outs.

1. You’ll never have to worry any more about that next cigarette – planning your day around it makes this a full time job. Cigarettes really do make slaves out of us.

2. Imagine the money you’re going to save – a pack a day equates to about $4500.00 per year or payments on a brand new car!

3. Finally, you’re going to smell better, taste better and look better. Those yellow teeth and wrinkled skin will only improve each day that passes without smoking.

4. Now you can feel the energy surge! Your body has new life and you can breathe normally again!

5. You’re lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke and reducing your chances of lung problems.

6. You’re also reducing your chance of hearing problems and eyesight impairment.

7. You’re reducing the risk of cancer.

8. No more worrying about second-hand smoke damage to other people, especially your own kids.

9. How stressful is worrying about the seriousness of cigarette smoke? Not to worry anymore!

10. Your circulation and respiratory systems are going to improve tremendously every day that passes by.

11. You can now feel more comfortable and relaxed when staying in hotels and flying with the airlines.

12. Your vital organs can function normally again with less malfunctions.

13. Carbon monoxide poisons your blood and unhealthy blood will cause all sorts of health problems.

14. Your good cholesteral (HDL) increases and bad cholesteral (LDL) decreases when you stop inhaling first or second hand smoke.

15. If you really want to see the breakdown of the money a teenager saves over a period of 30 years of smoking, I’ll have this information on my website in the near future.

16. Never worry again about burning down your house or car with cigarette butts.

17. No more yellow or burnt fingers.

18. Better all around sex with much improved potency.

19. No more static from your kids about the stink from cigarette smoke.

20. You’re ruining your teeth and gum disease is a major concern from cigarette smoke.

21. Your snoring sounds like a light breeze on a summer night, not a freight train in the middle of the night.

There are many more benefits of quitting smoking and most of these are health related. Statistics say that every cigarette smoked takes about 11 minutes off your life. Figure this out at a pack a day for 20 years and you’ve lost almost 4 years of your life over 20 years. It has been estimated that someone could lose 10 to 15 years of their life for smoking for 40 years or more and the most important benefit of quitting smoking is:


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Breaking Up With Cigarettes Is Hard To Do – 4 Strategies You Can Use

Breaking Up With Cigarettes Is Hard To Do – 4 Strategies You Can Use

Ending relationships is always fraught with difficulty, pain, sorrow loss etc, even breaking up when things have been bad brings up sadness and regret.

Some people stay in even the most abusive destructive relationships because of their own inner turmoil. Smoking is another relationship which eventually has to be torn apart.

Countless times clients have referred to cigarettes as their friend. After the soothing smoke was always there in bad times, in times of anxiety and stress even when others had failed in their support.

This friend helped them when they were bored, when they were lonely, or trying to think and especially when they were trying to relax.

But this friend has a dark side, a two faced companion who offers support and comfort but at the same time is stealth fully attacking and undermining.

This friend wants you all to themselves, they take you away from friends and family. Take you outside in the cold or heat or rain. Make you be the one standing on the footpath watching those inside in the restaurant.

Take you away from the movie or the dance etc. This friend is jealous.

This friend is a thief, they reach into your wallet or purse every day and steel your hard earned cash, whether you can afford it or you add up how much this smoking friend has cost you over the years you will become angry. You know this fried steels but you excuse it’s behaviour.

This thief makes your life insurance premiums much more expensive and can even prevent you from getting the job you want.

This thief also steals your life. Steals on average 14 years from your life and robs you of years of quality health.

This smoking friend is a liar who has convinced you that you enjoy food and drink even more with a cigarette.

This friend works for a large corporation and funnels your funds back to that company.

This smoking friend slowly sticks a knife into your back and keeps turning and plunging it in, yet you still defend it. Sometimes when you through this friend out of your life you allow it to back in when it comes begging to your door.

Will the cigarette companies be there to hold your hand as you lay dying in a cancer ward. Will they reach out to comfort your family as your health they step up and pay your medical bills.

Wow with friends like that who needs enemies. Maybe its time to take a long hard look at this friend, Decide once and for all whose side it is on. Decide you are too important to hang out with such friends. Perhaps it’s high time to pull the plug and break up this nasty relationship no matter how hard it is too do. Does all of this sound just a little too familiar?

Strategies to break free from smoking.

1. Make a list of all the problems you are experiencing with smoking including health and social.

2. Sit down and count how much money you have spent in the last year, and in the last 10 or 20 years. How much will you spend in the next 10 years.

3. List any perceived benefits and get and get real with yourself about these benefits.

4. Get angry with this friend, stop fooling yourself and commit to break up this doomed relationship

Until you severe all emotional ties and stop kidding yourself that this deadly habit is no friend to everyone, then you will never succeed, because a part of you will always want to hang on to cigarettes…

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How to Eliminate the Urge to Smoke Easily Without Cigarette Cravings And Nicotine Withdrawal

How to Eliminate the Urge to Smoke Easily Without Cigarette Cravings And Nicotine Withdrawal

Due to intense cigarette cravings, many people find it nearly impossible to quit smoking. In fact, most people find that it takes several unsuccessful attempts befiore they are able to kick the habit.

As you begin to get rid of the smoking habit, your body reacts strongly to the these cravings in its desire for the nicotine it is being deprived of. During the initial withdrawal period, many people give up trying to quit and go right back to smoking. They simply cannot take the anxiety and other symptoms that go along with quitting. It is a very powerful addicting drug.

Get off nicotine can result in a number of different side effects. Most people experience a number of negative sides that accompany cigarette cravings while others experience just one or two. And a few lucky people never get any side effects at all – don’t you just hate those people? Following is a partial list of side effects caused by nicotine withdrawal: mild depression, mood swings, anxiousness, short temper, weight gain, and headaches.

However, there are many programs available to reduce or even eliminate these intense urges. One of the easiest systems I know involves a secret combination of vitamins and supplements that stop cigarette cravings almost instantly. In addition, this easy technique has the added benefit of cleaning the accumulated tar, chemicals, and toxins out of your body. When you quit smoking using this technique, you eliminate the cravings for nicotine while cleaning out your lungs at the same time.

As these secret ingredients begin to work and clean your lungs, you lose the desire to smoke almost immediately. Like magic, you will not even want a cigarette. Imagine how great it might be to wake up in the morning and not have that hacking smokers cough. Gone are the days when you awaken and start coughing up those disgusting phlegm balls.

Using this system, you won’t even have the urge to smoke. And then, consider all the cash that you will save. Imagine how nice it might be to have extra money in your pocket. If you smoke heavily, you can easily spend three hundred bucks a month on your nicotine habit. What happens when you quit smoking using this method? You wind up with enough additional cash to buy that great new car, or go on that great holiday you have always thought about.…