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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking – 5 Benefits

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking – 5 Benefits

Using hypnosis to quit smoking can be a terrific option if you have been wanting to stop the habit naturally. Basically, it alters your behavior so you can kick the addiction out. If you can kick smoking with less melodrama and without using pills, won’t you do just that? Anyway, in this article, let’s learn more about using hypnosis to stop smoking and what are some of its advantages.

Hypnosis has helped a lot of smokers to quit and it’s the main reason why it’s increasing in popularity. Those who have conquered the bad habit through the technique attest to many benefits. The following are five of them:

1. Breathe easier

This may sound trivial, but for individuals who have smoked for many years and knew nothing but shallow and nicotine-filled breaths, this means everything. You see, hypnosis can help you breathe easier. It can help remove the junk in your lungs so you can start breathing for real again.

2. Feel better

Using hypnosis to quit smoking can also make you feel better. For one, you become very aware of your efforts in ditching the bad habit. Two, it can noticeably improve your energy levels. Sure, the nicotine in cigarettes may work as mild stimulant, however, it eventually becomes futile over a long period of time. Meanwhile, the enhanced levels of energy which you can get from hypnosis can certainly last a long time. In fact, it can even last forever.

3. Look better

Rapid aging is one of the most horrible effects of smoking. Once you stop the habit through hypnosis, you will start to not only feel better but look better too. You will have less wrinkles and fine lines as well as have a better-looking complexion. You can say goodbye to a sickly and yellowish skin!

4. Increase self esteem

When you feel better and look better, you will inevitably have higher self esteem. Who wouldn’t right? Through hypnosis, you can start feeling more desirable not only for others but for your own self too. It can help you become happier because it tells how much of a capable person you are. You can take care of yourself!

5. Beat addiction

Provides an effective means to get over any addiction. Using hypnosis to quit smoking may be effective, but the technique also works in other forms of addiction! If you have a problem other than nicotine dependence, hypnosis can likely help you with it too.…

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Some Help for Quitting Smoking

Some Help for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. As much as many smokers nowadays would like to quit from their vice, the craving for a single puff from the cigarette ruins their desire to quit. This is mainly because nicotine allows the smoker to psychologically look for the drug. The more nicotine one takes, the more a smoker craves. Also, due to the number of times nicotine has been inhaled, a person may experience drug tolerance making him have more nicotine than what he has had before. That is why it may take a very long time for a person to totally quit smoking.

How does one actually quit smoking? There are various ways of quitting. In most of them one has to try in order to succeed, but to totally stop in an instant is impossible. It always goes down to slowly decreasing the number of sticks before it is totally gone. It is important that one should have other persons to go through with him if he decides to quit. It may be a therapist or a counselor to help cope up with the urges to light a cigarette. There are also those people who just need someone to talk to, and the perfect solution for that is the telephone hotline that is readily available.

There are also support groups one can draw strength from when quitting smoking. It is also recommended that one should seek support from the closest people in his life, his family and friends. Those methods are pretty much helpful for the psychological aspect of quitting. For the physical aspect of quitting, it is important that one should find a better alternative for smoking. Due to the need of finding something to huff or actually hold like a cigar, one can have other things like gum or lollipop just to keep the mouth busy and the mind stray away from the idea of actually holding a cigar.

All in all, by the end of the day, the decision all boils down to the smoker whether or not he has decided that he will definitely quit smoking for good. No matter what decision one makes, one should know that quitting smoking would definitely be the healthier and the better choice especially if one wants to live an even longer life filled with activities he is able to enjoy even at an advanced age. When one has finally stopped, the body slowly becomes healthy again.…

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Quitting Smoking? Why Reading Stop Smoking Tips Just Isn’t Enough!

Quitting Smoking? Why Reading Stop Smoking Tips Just Isn’t Enough!

There is no shortage of good information on the internet about the dangers of smoking. There’s also plenty of sites offering free advice on how to quit.

So why are you still smoking?

Nicotine is not only physically addictive but mentally addictive too. The reason it is so difficult to quit smoking is because your psychological perception is that if you stopped smoking you would be losing out. Your mental image is that if you stopped smoking cigarettes you would be depriving yourself of some great pleasure. And to a certain extent that perception is absolutely correct. Once nicotine levels in your body fall below a certain level the only thing that will make you feel OK again is to smoke that next cigarette. When you light-up and inhale you get the immediate buzz of restoring your nicotine levels and your mind is therefore convinced that you’ve done something worthwhile!

It is this double whammy that makes nicotine addiction such a difficult habit to cure.

The only way to break the cycle is to change the way you feel about smoking. And that change has to take place deep in your subconscious.

Think about those people who ‘just quit.’

They may have been prompted to make their decision to stop smoking because of some smoking related family tragedy or just because they’re fed up with the constant smell of smoke on their clothes. Whatever the reason…  they ‘Just Quit.’ They made their decision and were happy with it, knowing deep down that they were doing the right thing. The incredible feature of these people who seem to find it easy to ‘just stop’ is that they don’t complain about wanting to smoke but not being ‘allowed’, they aren’t bothered by other people smoking and they get on and enjoy life without craving nicotine.

If you can change your mind about smoking you can quit easily, happily and permanently.…

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Saving Money Tips – Get Into Sports

Saving Money Tips – Get Into Sports

Okay, we all know that we should exercise but what is it that gives us that extreme sense of lack of motivation? Interesting question this one isn’t it. I guess we are all rather prone to prefer to kick off the shoes, grab a cuppa and sit down in front of the TV / computer instead of grabbing out the joggers and pounding the footpath or running around a tennis court.

However, if you start to get into sports you will realise how much of a difference it can make to your whole well being. You will start to feel more enthusiastic and alive and this will flow across into other areas of your life. Your overall attitude to a multitude of things will be lifted up to new levels.

Being active also gives you additional benefits such as keeping your body healthy (saves on medical bills and doctors visits) and giving you something to do (saves you spending money on expensive forms of entertainment). Get into sports today by dusting off the joggers, digging out your swimming costume, grabbing a tennis racket or cleaning off your golf clubs. Participating in a sporting activity can not only keep you fit and healthy but provide you with hours of entertainment for generally a small fee.

Here are some clues to get you started:

1. Choose what sorts of sports you might be interested in

Jogging / Running / Aerobics

Tennis / Squash / Badminton

Football / Rugby / Soccer

Basketball / Netball / Softball

Cricket / Hockey / Croquet

Lawn Bowling / Ten Pin Bowling



Swimming / Diving / Aqua aerobics


Horse Riding / Polo

Canoeing / Kayaking / Rowing

Yoga / Pilates / Tai Chi / Gymnastics

Track and Field

Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Boxing / Martial Arts

Fencing / Archery

Weight lifting / Wrestling

Skateboarding / Rollerblading

Skiing / Snowboarding

2. Think about who might be able to join you (often if you are committed to go somewhere with someone else you are more likely to do this activity than if you have to go alone)

Family member

Work Colleague



Business associate

Member of a club / group / church you are in

3. Check out your local area to see what sports clubs / associations are located in your area that offer your chosen sport?

Surf the internet

Visit your gymnasium

Read the local paper

Ask your local school

Check the advertising outside your local hall

Ask at your local sports centre / youth club

Check with your council

Visit your local community centre

4. Decide where can you participate in your chosen sport


cycle track

running paths


sports field…

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Ever Heard of Hypo Kinetic Disorder?

Ever Heard of Hypo Kinetic Disorder?

Did you know that to ensure long term weight loss and maintenance, it is vital that you stick to a regular exercise program and enjoy plenty of healthy eating. To ensure that you actually stick to your exercise program it is advisable that you do exercises that you have done before and which you actually enjoy doing. By doing something that you found enjoyable you will find that it is indeed easier to stay with your exercise program for longer periods of time.

A major contributor to heart disease, back pain, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity and even osteoporosis is a disease called hypo kinetic disorder or lack of movement disease. Yes, hypo kinetic disorder or lack of movement disease indeed exist and can be seriously dangerous to your overall health.

It is very important that you try to do some form of exercise on a daily basis to get your heart pumping and your muscles warmed up. It is also important to remember that the effects of physical activity is lost after several weeks of being inactive and your body returns to its prior form.

Some time ago it was thought that long yet slow activity was the best way to enhance your metabolic rate but recent studies have shown that shorter but repetitive burst of high intensity exercise are just as good if not better. After doing some exercise your resting metabolic rate will actually increase for up to a period of six hours. This means that after you have finished exercising for the day your body will still continue burning energy in the form of fat reserves for a very long while.

Metabolic rate refers to the amount of chemical energy used in the body compared to the unit of time. The higher the rate, the faster you will use up the energy that you got from the food and drink you consumed during the course of the day.

To ensure weight loss takes place, you will need to use up more energy than that which you consumed during the course of the day. This way the body will automatically start to burn up all those stored up fat deposits which in return will lead to a much slimmer, sexier you.…

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Quit Smoking Naturally in This 3 Step Process

Quit Smoking Naturally in This 3 Step Process

Where Can I Begin in this Natural Process to Quit Smoking?

It sounds like a dumb question, I know. But because each smoker faces unique obstacles to quitting, these three steps are broken into categories according to the strength of a smoker’s habit. In Step 1, recommended mainly for heavy smokers, you must find a means of spiritual or mental support. Step 2, where medium smokers might start, involves using Nicotine replacement products to break the actual ‘smoking’ habit. And finally, Step 3 requires taking natural quit smoking products to sever Nicotine’s grasp on the body by alleviating those powerful withdrawal symptoms.

How Does the Heavy Smoker Begin the Quitting Process? – Step 1

A heavy smoker (i.e. 2 packs per day or greater) will need every tool necessary to fight the urge to smoke. Because of this it is highly recommended that she find a means of spiritual or mental support to prepare herself for the process. Such support can come in the form of a hypnotist, perhaps motivational audio tapes/cds/mp3s, a psychiatrist or even simply a friend who is willing to be there for her when she needs help most. How she gets support is not important; the key is to find any outside source of inspiration when her own motivation may fail her. Only someone with the inspiration to quit should move on to Step 2.

How Do I Break My Ties with Cigarettes? – Step 2

Step 2 in the quit smoking process is recommended for medium to heavy smokers (i.e. 1 pack per day or greater), and focuses on removing the cigarette smoking aspect of the smoking habit by using a Nicotine replacement. This is distinguishable from the Nicotine addiction itself as I will illustrate in Step 3.

In Step 2 the smoker achieves two goals: Firstly, he breaks the habit of purchasing, burning and inhaling tobacco smoke; Secondly, he makes his circulatory system process life without tar in the lungs and blood. The benefits of these two achievements of course are to train the body and mind not to expect smoke inhalation, and to immediately cleanse the body of the many harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke.

Examples of Nicotine replacement products include lozenges, gums, patches and now electronic cigarettes. Whatever product is used, you should use Step 2 for 3-6 months depending on the strength of your smoking habit.

How Could I Possibly Rid My Life of Nicotine?! – Step 3

Great question. This final step is recommended for smoking habits of all strengths. Heavier smokers will hopefully have completed steps 1 and 2, and medium smokers should also have completed Step 2. Lighter smokers (less than one pack per day) may begin the quit smoking process immediately with this final step.

In Step 3, the smoker is ready to cut Nicotine from the body altogether. While this sounds like a daunting task, advanced herbal formulas can work very well to suppress withdrawal symptoms. Removing the Nicotine from your system is an essential step in the natural quit smoking process. There are many formulas available on the market today, and you should plan to use one for at least 3 months (closer to 6 months for the medium/heavy smoker). Again, the link below will show you to a comparison of the most popular formulas on the market.

More Information on How to Complete the Quitting Process…

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Remove Toxins From The Lungs Using A Lung Detox After Quitting Smoking To Help Stop Those Cravings

Remove Toxins From The Lungs Using A Lung Detox After Quitting Smoking To Help Stop Those Cravings

After smoking for most of my 46 years as an adult I finally decided to make a big effort to quit smoking for good. I had tried on several occasions before but to be honest at the time I didn’t really believe I was going to do it so after just a few days or weeks I had gradually slipped back into smoking again, but this time I really had made up my mind. One Monday morning I just looked at myself in the mirror after a weekend of drinking and smoking and just thought ‘It’s time to clean up your act now. Enough is enough.’

So what was going to be so different this time and how was I going to remain stopped for good?

One thing that had always played on my mind was reading somewhere that until you were able to remove all the tar and toxins from the lungs after smoking for so long, then you were always prone to lung related diseases, cancer and heart disease.

Research had shown that it could take between 10 and 15 years for the average smoker to remove smoking related tar and toxins from the lungs which seems a high price to pay, but it does prove what a bad thing smoking must be for the body and how strong the chemical in cigarette must really be. Almost nuclear fallout proportions!

I looked into using a home lung detox to remove tar and toxins at a much quicker rate that the body can achieve if left to its own devices, which sounded like a good idea and perfect for my concerns. The methods used could remove tar and toxins in a matter of weeks or months, not years as I’d read about, plus by speeding up the process it would also lessen the chances of the toxins and bad chemicals causing the smoking related illnesses that I was worried about.

Another added bonus would be actually using the lung detox to help me quit smoking. Whilst the tar and toxins are present in the body then the body can still crave the effects of them and in effect ‘expect’ a top up of them on a regular basis, so by getting rid of them quicker it would also remove the cravings that are associated with quitting smoking. Cravings had always been a big problem for me in the past when I had tried quitting before.

I have to say, that using a lung detox did it for me this time and I’ve now been quit for almost 3 months, which is way longer than I have ever gone before and I’m determined this time to remain quit.…