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What Are the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?

What Are the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking has some advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know about the side effects of quitting smoking, this article is best for you. Here are side effects after stopping smoking. Yes it is true that if you want to quit smoking, you will become healthy but it takes some time to do it. If you decide to quit, you need to take the consequences that will occur once you stop smoking. The first few days are really difficult for you to quit, but once you have started to do it, eventually it will be easier for you. You need patience and perseverance to quit smoking. A person who is trying to stop smoking for the first time will likely to experience being anxious, irritable, confuse, and worst of all, you might experience being depress that can lead to more serious problem.

For the first few days of withdrawal, the blood sugar level is also certain to go down quite a little. For this reason, a person who is trying to quit may likely to experience and feel dizzy, lapse in memory, and other negative behavioral changes. Once your blood sugar goes down, you can consume sweet foods such as chocolates and candies that can help in maintaining your blood sugar level. It is not true that nicotine supplies sugar to the body. When you smoke the amount of sugar in our body that is being stored will be released.

After quit smoking, blood pressure as well as your pulse rate can increase that is the reason why many smokers who quit sometimes experience anxiety and nervous attack, but smokers do not know that it is actually away for the body to cope or deal with the situation.

These side effects of quitting smoking are normal for a person who is more than willing to get rid of the bad and unhealthy effects of smoking. Bear in mind that smoking does not do something good and beneficial to the person. It is actually a vice that is useless and just a waste of money and life, worst of all it can lead to early death. Living longer and means quitting to smoke as early as possible before anything become worst. Life is God’s given gift to all the people. As an individual, it is your responsibility to take care and give importance to your God given gift that is life. Think of all the complications that might happen if you will not stop smoking. God gave us life to appreciate and love it not to abuse it hence, as early as now stop smoking for your own good.It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…