3 Quit Smoking Side Effects – And Quick and Easy Ways to Deal With Them

3 Quit Smoking Side Effects – And Quick and Easy Ways to Deal With Them

Most people will begin to worry about the quit smoking side effects before they ever even try to quit smoking. That’s normal, and although you’re probably scared now, the effects that you’ll feel when you quit will surely make it all worthwhile in the end. So what are those side effects and how should you deal with them?

The quit smoking side effects aren’t as bad as long as you know what to expect and have ways prepared in which to deal with them planned ahead of time. So it’s actually good if you’re reading this before you start the process. If you’ve already started, it’s OK, you’ll get through them too. I’ll give you some tips now.

Side Effect #1: Feeling dizzy. This is common. Some of it is due to the fact that your body is simply going through withdrawal and getting used to being without the amount of nicotine that it’s used to. More of it has to do with the fact that when you quit smoking it actually lowers your blood sugar.

Cigarettes don’t have sugar in them, but the chemical reaction of cigarettes makes your body release sugar from it’s own stores. When you quit smoking, that doesn’t occur anymore, and that feeling can make you feel a bit dizzy.

To deal with this, you can get over the counter medication for the dizziness (vertigo), and also you should keep some candy with you. Also perhaps eat an extra snack throughout the day, or glass of orange juice.

Side Effect #2: Depression, Anger, and/or Agitation. Just think about those mornings when you haven’t had your coffee. These quit smoking side effects are about the same as that, only probably amplified.

This is one of those things that you’ll have to endure through the withdrawal phase as much as possible. Exercising, working out, eating some chocolate, and even sex will all help release endorphins and serotonin into your bloodstream which will all help stabilize your mood.

Side Effect #3: Fatigue. Your body is reacting to the fact that it’s not getting something that it’s used to. During the days that you’re going through withdrawal take extra vitamins, eat lots of green leafy vegetables rich in iron, and lots of good dark chocolate.