A Few Of The Most Common Types Of Cancer

Cancer is a nasty disease that plagues people all over the world. I lost my father to the illness almost two years ago. He developed kidney cancer somehow. He was a longtime smoker but he had stopped about 10 years before he developed the disease. After witnessing his sudden suffering, it makes me want to make several lifestyle changes. Certain experiences in life have a habit of shifting our perspective. Some of the types of cancer we will look at closely today are among the ones that have high frequency in the U.S. which include prostate cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.

Prostate Cancer

I currently have an uncle who has battled prostate cancer for about 5 years now. This powerful cancer is reported as the second most leading fatal cancer among U.S. men. It is a slow growing cancer, but if it is caught early, then there is a chance to prolong the life of the patient. Some of the things men can do to try to decrease their risks of developing cancer includes avoiding smoking, maintaining health weight, and engaging in routine exercise. Although there are certain things that can’t be avoided including genes, men can take a few steps to try to prevent the disease as oppose to increasing the risk of getting a prostate cancer chicago il.

Lung Cancer

There are two types of lung cancer small cell and non-small cell. My aunt died from lung cancer but I don’t know which one. Even though smoking causes the majority of lung cancer, nonsmokers are not exempt from this disease. As a general rule for all of us to try to avoid lung cancer we should avoid or stop smoking, reduce workplace exposure to risk factors and reduce exposure to radon. The use of tobacco contributes to roughly 9 of 10 cases of lung cancer in men. It also causes 8 of 10 cases of the cancer in women. Even using cigarettes low in tar or nicotine are not reported to provide a lower risk of lung cancer.

Kidney Cancer

This type of cancer can manifest in adults and children. The main types of this cancer include Wilms tumor, transitional cell cancer, and renal cell cancer. There are a few inherited conditions that can boost a person’s risk of kidney cancer. Right kidney cancer stems from an unknown cause. The risk factors that make it more likely to develop include high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, male gender, long-term dialysis and environmental conditions at work.


There are various types of cancer to be aware of. Today we only took a sneak peak and a few of the common types such as prostate, lung, and kidney cancer. One thing that all of the cancer we reviewed seems to have in common is that it can’t be 100% prevented, however we can take a few steps to prevent it from developing such as no smoking, stick to a healthy diet, and exercise frequently.