Early Pregnancy Smoking – Quit Smoking in Early Pregnancy to Avoid Further Harm to Your Baby

Early Pregnancy Smoking – Quit Smoking in Early Pregnancy to Avoid Further Harm to Your Baby

Early pregnancy smoking may seem harmless if done within the first few months of being pregnant; however, the truth is unknown to most of us and there is nothing harmless about exposing an unborn fetus to direct or second-hand smoke. Without your knowledge, you are denying your child the oxygen he or she needs to survive in the womb.

Smoking exposes your child to the toxins found in tobacco smoke. If that weren’t bad enough, you are also impeding the function of the placenta, making it hard for your child to receive the nutrients he or she needs during pregnancy.

When broken down it is easy to see that tobacco smoke not only damages the mother’s health, but also puts the baby at risk for serious health problems during and after birth. When a person smokes, some of the oxygen in her blood is replaced with carbon monoxide. Therefore, the child’s blood contains less oxygen than necessary, causing the baby’s heart rate to accelerate. The toxins found in tobacco also alter the blood’s ability to function healthily and normally. This can directly affect the placenta’s ability to provide the baby with the nutrition he or she needs.

There is most certainly a safe and natural way to decrease the risks associated with early pregnancy smoking. When searching for the perfect method to kick your toxic habit, look into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is a natural, safe, and highly effective way to help you quit smoking before too much damage is caused to your unborn child, or if you want to get pregnant, this is a perfect way to ensure that your pregnancy goes off without a hitch.

Neuro Linguistic Programming targets those areas that cause nicotine cravings and removes them entirely, allowing you to quit smoking safely without the trauma of heavy withdrawal symptoms and stamps out early pregnancy smoking.