Effects Of Quitting Smoking – Avoid The Ugly Smoking Face

Effects Of Quitting Smoking – Avoid The Ugly Smoking Face

A client recently used these exact words; she said she wanted to quit cigarettes in order to avoid the ugly smokers face. Fortunately one of the effects of quitting smoking is that her skin will improve.

How much anyone can achieve of course depends on how much damage has been done. The good news is that everyone can put the brakes on the damage by quitting and therefore producing new generations of healthy cells.

In the case of this client fortunately her shin was still quite good in spite of her age and her years of smoking. Luckily she had avoided sun damage as she is quite fair.

The scary thing about skin damage is that what you see externally is basically what is happening internally. Everything is aging faster.

Another client I saw had very aged hands and face, I guessed she was in her late sixties, but she was only 53. Her hands would indicate that all of her organs would be just as aged.

Is this really what you want for yourself? Are the perceived benefits of smoking worth the rapid aging that every cell of your body is experiencing?

It’s all about what motivates you. Few people would admit that their appearance is of no concern to them. Few are happy to look older than they really are.

Our society rarely rewards increased age. Looking older and wiser is one thing, but looking old and haggard is another.

But is all this fear about aging enough leverage to make you quit smoking. Probably not! Humans are prone to doing all kinds of harmful behaviours even with complete knowledge of the consequences. The problem if you skin is OK today it won’t be wrinkly tomorrow, so why quit.

Every young person I ask about smoking dismisses the long term problems. They generally say that they will quit when they are ready. My older clients tell me they thought the same thing, and most have quit and failed many times.

I’m sure you have heard the old joke: Quitting is easy I do it every second day. Unfortunately it’s not a joke and most smokers will attempt to quit many times in their lives. If they had found a successful method they could have saved themselves so much money time and stress.

So you can use your skin as a measure of your improvement. Over a few months the circulation to your skin will improve and you will produce healthy plump cells. Quitting smoking will do much more for your skin than any expensive cream.