Garlic – The Healing Properties of the Plant Revealed (Part 1)

Garlic – The Healing Properties of the Plant Revealed (Part 1)

Garlic is a great remedy to treat various health problems. The article deals with the healing properties of the plants.

Reduce cloves of 2 garlic to small pieces and dry them at a room temperature. Mill the dried garlic and fill a glass or plastic vessel with the powder. Cover the vessel up, and keep it in a dry and cold place. Mix the powder with dried herbs and smoke it. In order to clear bronchial passages and get rid of asthma, mix granulated leaves of horse foot with garlic powder, wrap the mix in paper and smoke it as a cigarette. When suffering from dry cough, you should mix granulated dried rosemary and peppermint with the garlic powder, and smoke the mix. If you wish to quit smoking, get rid of stress and nicotine addiction, you should smoke cigarettes filled with the mix of garlic powder and granulated dried lobelias.

Pestle garlic and apply the paste to your temple to get rid of headache.

Infuse 40 grams of cloves of garlic with 100 grams of vodka. Cover the vessel up and leave it for 7 days. Afterwards, decant the liquid and add peppermint tincture. Take 10-15 drops of the tincture 2-3 times a day half an hour before meal to deal with overall exhaustion and dizziness.

Reduce cloves of garlic to small pieces to get half a glass of them and put them in an enameled pot. Pour dark honey over cloves of garlic to cover them completely. Boil the mix on small fire for 20 minutes or till the moment pieces of garlic dissolve. Remember to stir the mix for the whole time. Afterwards, cover the pot up and leave the syrup to brew for some time. Then you should again boil the syrup. Keep stirring the whole time. If the syrup gets too thick, you can add a bit of distilled water. Decant the paste and wait till it becomes cold. Cover the vessel up and keep the syrup in refrigerator. Take a tablespoon of the syrup every hour to treat acute sore throat. In order to deal with acute sore throat in child, you should give him/her a teaspoon of the syrup every hour.

Rub the skin of your head with fresh garlic juice to get rid of louses. In addition, the juice is going to strengthen your hair.

Drop 2-3 drops of fresh garlic juice in your nose 3 times a day to prevent and treat grippe.