How To Quit Smoking With A Positive Mindset

How To Quit Smoking With A Positive Mindset

When you want to quit smoking, nothing can be more important than having a positive mindset. Despite the methods, strategies and plan, you will not succeed if you view situations and circumstances negatively. Only people with the most positive mindset will succeed in quitting smoking. Some of the examples of people viewing situations or circumstances negatively are such as:

1. Quitting smoking is just a bad decision and they cannot get rid of their desire to smoke and that they admit they are a total addict.

2. Some smokers think they cannot endure the suffering or pain to go through it.

3. These people think the habit itself is already extremely difficult to give up.

4. Others may think quitting is like punishing themselves.

If you caught yourself having any of these thinking above, chances are you are being negative and will almost never to be successful in quitting. Thus, you will need to stay extremely positive during this journey of giving up the cigarette for good. Here are some positive approaches and affirmations that can assist you in quitting smoking.

1. Your best decision in life is to quit smoking.

2. Your mood will dramatically improve.

3. You will be safe from the most preventable diseases in the world like lung cancer and you will be able to save quite a bit of money.

4. Your energy will increase and you will be able to be more productive and achieve more in a day.

5. You will smell good and never have to worry about stinking again.

6. You will stronger willpower and you have broken free from addiction.

There are also some other important aspects to prepare yourself to quit.

1. Plan ahead. Note down the resources you will need to give up smoking. Come up with a plan on how to handle both physical as well as psychological challenges.

2. Consult a doctor or physician for better methods and techniques such as acupuncture or laser therapy. You may want to consider nicotine replacement therapies if you really need to.

3. Look for alternative remedies such as herbs.

4. Seek for proven programs out there in the market. They may help you to stay on course during the difficult times.

Because you need to stay positive during quitting, choosing the right period to quit is also important. Do not choose periods when you are going through unusual stress or emotional turmoil such as losing a loved one.

Choose the periods when you know you ready to be positive and you will succeed in quitting.