No-Diet Weight Loss

No-Diet Weight Loss

We all know diets do not work! Here is a tip to help you lose the weight you want and become healthier without next faddy diet. I love helping clients with their weight loss. Usually they have tried all manner of diets and extreme forms of weight loss and have seen their weight cycle up and down over the years. We then work through some of the reasons for their eating and let go of any unhelpful habits. Suddenly it becomes so much easier than counting points, because at the end of the day you can eat what you want when you want. This is because you are more in tune with what your body (unconscious mind) wants. The thing is, it naturally wants a healthy lifestyle.

1. If you are thinking you want to eat something, take a moment to think about why you want to eat it. Is it ‘that time of day’? Is it an emotion bubbling around? It is very easy to confuse an emotion trying to communicate to you for your stomach communicating it is empty. Do you feel physically hungry?

2. Concentrate on that feeling in your stomach. Be aware of it fully. Ask yourself what would feel good in your stomach now.

3. Think of what comes to mind. Then imagine eating a portion of it. The taste, the texture. How it feels in your stomach. How your entire body will feel over the next few hours if you eat it.

4. Compare this feeling with the ‘hungry’ feeling you had before you imagined eating anything. Which feeling do you like better? Will you feel better over time having eaten that thing or not? There is no point eating something that is going to make you feel worse afterwards.

5. You could then try this with another food item.

You can also do this during a meal. Instead of clearing your plate unconsciously, be aware of each mouthful, how will it feel in your stomach now and over the next few hours. You may be more aware of that signal to stop which means you have had enough to be healthy.

Enjoy becoming more in tune with your body and mind, discovering the more healthy you inside. This leads to ‘no diet’ weight loss which means losing weight can be easier than you imagine.