Quit Smoking By Hypnosis – Forms of Hypnosis That Could Help

Quit Smoking By Hypnosis – Forms of Hypnosis That Could Help

How Quit Smoking By Hypnosis Works

A lot of people don’t know this but hypnosis has played a great role when it comes to smoking cessation and of course not only with quitting smoking but also some of the other bad habits such as under or over-eating. Hypnosis also is quite helpful for those people who suffer from depression. Without doubt, hypnosis really works. If you would want to quit smoking by hypnosis or if you would like to help someone stop the habit then what you should know is that there are numerous forms of hypnosis.

Conversational or Covert Hypnosis

This kind of hypnosis would really work if you want someone to quit smoking. This is unlike other forms of hypnosis, rather than an art of persuading someone do something with the use of hypnotic words combined with body language. Applying conversational hypnosis on someone to stop the bad habit of smoking is basically persuading him or her to stop without him or her even noticing that persuasion is taking place. This may sound harsh but a bit of manipulation might be the key to help someone stop the bad habit of smoking.


If it would be you that needed to quit smoking by hypnosis because you don’t want to undergo any other form of therapy, then you might want to consider the use of internal hypnotherapy. As long as you have the correct tools, self-hypnosis is very much effective. Some of the tools that can assist you in your progress are hypnosis mp3s. And what’s even better is that you know yourself better than anyone else making it easier for you to know what kind of affirmations you would need.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is not known as hypnosis. The people using this do not want it to be considered as hypnosis. It was included on this list because it is like self-conversational-hypnosis. Someone with the skills in NLP can help you see the brighter side of quitting smoking or if you know it, you can convince yourself of the better things in a smoke-free life.

These types of hypnosis would be perfect for you if you want to quit smoking by hypnosis. Just don’t forget that these methods won’t work if used alone. They should be used together with the approach that you have or planning to have. This may well be the missing piece in the puzzle or this could help increase the success rate of whatever approach you may be in right now.