Quit Smoking – Why Plain Packaging Will Fail

Quit Smoking – Why Plain Packaging Will Fail

Governments have tried many ways to reduce the number of smokers in society. In Australia the latest attempt is to introduce plain packaging on cigarettes. The packs will still retain the grisly images of cancer effects, but the manufacturers will not be able to identify themselves.

This is supposed to stop people smoking. It will inconvenience the shopkeepers who will have to re-organise their systems to find the right product for buyers, but the notion that this will make people stop is very questionable.

If you are reading this I assume your are a smoker. I bet the colour or design of the packet won’t make any difference to you. It’s the nicotine that drives the smoker.

Its the smokers belief that they will feel less stressed that drives them. It’s the belief that smoking will solve boredom, or make coffee or food or driving somehow better that drives people to smoke.

And it’s the fear of being without a cigarette that pushes people to light up.

I believe that until a person decides to quit then they could wrap smokes in cement bags and people would still buy them.

Sometimes I think that governments act for the sake of acting, they want to be seen to be doing something. Maybe they should consult some hard core smokers and ask them what they think, then perhaps some workable solutions may be found.

The point is don’t rely on the outside world to solve your smoking problem. The government can try as hard as they want but nothing will make you quit until you make the decision. It’s always been the direct decision of every smoker to quit. Sure tax increases or fear campaigns can give you a push, the end decision is always yours.

Then it’s just a matter of how you choose to quit. Advanced hypnosis and NLP is very successful and can give you the best chance of saying goodbye to the smokes forever. A plain pack with a scary photo will never break the bond you have with lighting up and driving or coffee or anything else.

The only true way it shatter those connections is to do it at a subconscious level, this is where the connections are locked in. Hypnosis is the solution to this life sapping problem. But it will only work once you are committed to change. You decide and you can be free.