Quitting Smoking? Why Reading Stop Smoking Tips Just Isn’t Enough!

Quitting Smoking? Why Reading Stop Smoking Tips Just Isn’t Enough!

There is no shortage of good information on the internet about the dangers of smoking. There’s also plenty of sites offering free advice on how to quit.

So why are you still smoking?

Nicotine is not only physically addictive but mentally addictive too. The reason it is so difficult to quit smoking is because your psychological perception is that if you stopped smoking you would be losing out. Your mental image is that if you stopped smoking cigarettes you would be depriving yourself of some great pleasure. And to a certain extent that perception is absolutely correct. Once nicotine levels in your body fall below a certain level the only thing that will make you feel OK again is to smoke that next cigarette. When you light-up and inhale you get the immediate buzz of restoring your nicotine levels and your mind is therefore convinced that you’ve done something worthwhile!

It is this double whammy that makes nicotine addiction such a difficult habit to cure.

The only way to break the cycle is to change the way you feel about smoking. And that change has to take place deep in your subconscious.

Think about those people who ‘just quit.’

They may have been prompted to make their decision to stop smoking because of some smoking related family tragedy or just because they’re fed up with the constant smell of smoke on their clothes. Whatever the reason…  they ‘Just Quit.’ They made their decision and were happy with it, knowing deep down that they were doing the right thing. The incredible feature of these people who seem to find it easy to ‘just stop’ is that they don’t complain about wanting to smoke but not being ‘allowed’, they aren’t bothered by other people smoking and they get on and enjoy life without craving nicotine.

If you can change your mind about smoking you can quit easily, happily and permanently.