Symptoms of a Smoking Teenager

Symptoms of a Smoking Teenager

Teenage smoking is a cause of loss of sleep amongst so many parents. It is a problem in schools and communities so much that full pledged programs have been developed aimed at addressing this dreadful problem whose consequences are hard to swallow. In most cases parents and guardians are the very last to know if a teen is smoking. In fact it can be so bad that parents may never know until it is extremely late and the youth is well addicted and nicotine dependent.

Most parents today who have young teenage children constantly seek for ways and means to detect if their teen is smoking or drinking. Perhaps smoking might be even more difficult to detect because unlike drinking when one can’t come home drunk, smoking can happen right under your nose on a daily basis. This is why it is important for parents to learn if their children are involved in tobacco use. Most tactics available avoid direct confrontation with teens which only become necessary or employable once hard evidence has been gathered. The following are symptoms of a smoking teenager;

Tobacco odor – In as much as tobacco is harmful we can at least be grateful that it has a give-way odor. Cigarette smoke sips into hair, clothing and is likely to be easily detected in the teen room and dirty clothes. Most teens will try to hide cigarette smoke by applying heavy cologne and perfume. when dealing with odor on clothes keep in mind that passive smoking may also stick to your teens clothing.

Bad breadth – Depending on how long your teen has been smoking, bad breadth will become very difficult to hide as time goes on. Their teeth may also get stained depending on how long they have been smoking.

Smoking Debris – You may also tell if your teen is smoking by tracing any cigarette debris such as cigarette butts, matches, lighters, and empty packages. These can be in the car, pockets and back-pack.

Credit Card Statements – Some teens have access to cards belonging to parents or siblings. You may also use statements for these cards to check for dubious purchases associated with tobacco consumption. This will however take a less sophisticated teen how might not appreciate how credit cards work in terms of the possibility to follow-up on all transactions done on a particular card.

These are some of the symptoms that point to a smoking teenager. Should all or a number of them turn positive avoid to angrily confrontational as this may lead to all-out war which may get out of control. Most teens are peer influenced to start smoking or drinking. There are means with help from professional quit smoking counselors to address teens who are smoking to help them tactfully stop smoking.