The Quit Smoking Resolve

The Quit Smoking Resolve

Cigars and cigarettes are a multi million dollars industry. Smokers cannot pass a single day without puffing as they are addicted to it in a big way. The tobacco in the cigarette and cigars contains an organic compound called nicotine. Constant smoking leaves a layer in the form of tar on the inner lining of the lungs. This causes many health problems like- breathing disorders, reduction in the blood flow and lack of oxygen in the body. These anomalies can lead to severe ailments like lung cancer, heart stroke and early aging, etc.

There is no denying that smoking is a health hazard and has to come to end in one’s lifetime; earlier the better. All smokers know that eventually they will have to quit but find it very difficult to do so because of the quit smoking side effects that comes with it. But it is not impossible. What is more difficult than quitting, is the resolve to completely quit. I must emphasize the word COMPLETELY because there is no other half-baked option. Either you smoke or you don’t. I was a smoker for 30 odd years and before I finally and completely stopped smoking I spent time on firming up the strength of my resolve to quit. Once you feel your resolve to be strong enough to ear mark a date when you will give it up.

In preparation of the resolve you have to think of the reasons of ‘why’ you should quit smoking. Write down why you want to stop. It can be the family being at risk of passive smoking, your own deteriorating health; money spent on cigarettes could actually have been saved, ignoring all signals and precautions of doctors and other well-wishers, etc. The list can be quite long if you come to think of the reasons. Then you can select the date.

The most disturbing thought for smokers is not having some cigarettes at an odd time and place when or where he may not be able to get a cigarette if all are finished. This lacuna could compel a smoker, who plans to quit smoking forever, buying a new pack and going back to smoking. So, when you decide to quit keep a few cigarettes at a concealed place so that the thought of not having cigarettes becomes a hindrance in your plan.

It is best to quit when you get up in the morning. At this time the lungs are relatively free of nicotine and the craving for a smoke can be curbed. If you do keep your hands off cigarette it becomes easier to forget the next one. Keeping a substitute like herbal tea or smokers lozenges can be of great help. But the best substitute is to have a glass of water and get busy with some manual work. By evening time you would automatically start feeling the difference within your own body. The freshness of a nicotine free lung would make you feel good. That’s when you should savor the goodness and stay on course with your resolve. For more help visit the link below.

David Igbinidu