Your Superfood Supplement: Organic Turmeric

Nowadays there are more reasons than 1 for the world to enjoy the turmeric spice! Many enjoy the floral pungent flavor it adds to their favorite curry dish, but it seems that world-wide the appreciation for the turmeric, is growing at an accelerated rate. The credit may be due to scientific research that further supports the ancient remedial practices. If you love a good curry dish, then you’ll be happy to know that you’re killing a couple of birds every time you order it both in the taste and the nutrition departments. Turmeric is not only appreciated lately, but it has graduated to the title of Super Food. It seems that turmeric will be a treasured spice for ages to come.

A True Gift of Nature

Turmeric is grown in Asia, India where it is known as the golden spice, as well as South America and, has been a treasured remedy throughout history. It has many benefits and treats many conditions. It has been proven to soothe skin irritation, as well as fight liver and gall bladder problems. It also reduces more severe conditions like heart disease and cancer. One of the most common uses may be for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is widely used to fight arthritis and as well as for pain relief. The Arthritis Foundation suggests that it should be taken daily to fight arthritis inflammation and at a dosage of 400-600 milligrams. Turmeric is also proven to be a great antioxidant! Other benefits include the treatment of digestive ailments, wounds, and surgical pain. Simply put this spice is loaded with benefits!

A Supplement that Packs a Punch

Though it is now offered in many forms; in teas, extracts, as well as a powder but perhaps one of the best forms to consume turmeric are in capsule form. This is also helpful if you don’t particularly appreciate the acquired taste of turmeric. With something like Organic Turmeric Capsules  they are especially beneficial as they tend to have a more potent curcumin level, which is the powerful ingredient in turmeric that makes turmeric so effective. Capsules have different makeups as well, but it is highly suggested to be taken naturally and organically. Capsules not only are more potent, but they are also mixed with other ingredients that make the turmeric more effective and powerful. For better absorption, many capsules are paired with the ingredient Bromelain, which is made up of the protein of pineapples. Bromelain isn’t the only beneficial ingredient for optimal absorption, black pepper is another ingredient that is often added to turmeric capsules.

How Much is Too Much?

While this is a question that should be answered on a personal basis, we would like to remind you to consult your physician before taking turmeric as a supplement, as its effects could be harmful. While the common side effects like upset stomach, digestive complications, and dizziness are not as detrimental, there are more that we should mention. A benefit of turmeric is that it’s anti-inflammatory, but this also means it can thin out the blood. Anyone who is already receiving treatment for a blood condition may find that this to be very harmful. Women who are nursing are also urged not to take turmeric in large amounts as it can cause contractions. While turmeric is may be beneficial to the most tolerant of bodies, it should still not be overdone. Too much for too long could cause digestive issues. Only use it at the recommended dosage.

It’s safe to say that turmeric is an ancient remedy across cultures for good reason. Turmeric is in a lane of its own and can benefits health in many profound ways. It has even been known to rival the best of arthritic medication!